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Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital – Feng-Chung Community Lecture about Medication Safety of the Seniors


Dr. Lin, one of the great pharmacists of Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital, came to Feng-Chung community to talk about medication safety of the seniors. Here are a few tips about the lecture:
1. NEVER take medicine that you are not familiar with, even if you are, be aware of the routes of administration.
2. Make sure you know how to take internal medicine: Is it chewable? Should it be taken with water? Take it before or after meal?
3. When it comes to external medicine, one should make sure where to apply and the orders of different medicine.
4. Take the medicine on time can maximize the absorption and minimize the discomfort causing by the side effect.
5. Take the medicine with water. Milk, coffee, tea, grapefruit juice, and cola are not recommended.
6. If few kinds of medicine should be taken at once, please consult your doctor if there’s any interactions that should be avoided.
Finally, the most important thing is be sure to follow doctor’s and pharmacist’s order. Feel free to ask for medical consulting service from the pharmacy of our hospital if you have any questions.

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view:6,801updated date:2017-03-14Back