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Division of Cardiovascular Surgery

The division of cardiovascular surgery was set up in 2008. We are the only open heart hospital in east Taichung up to date. We provide service of CABG for CAD patient, Valve repair/replacement for valvular heart disease patient, aortic graft replacement & TEVAR/EVAR for aortic disease and ASD/VSD repair for congenital heart disease.

We are skilled in all kinds of vascular surgery, including (1) AVF/AVG creation, embolectomy, aneurysm resection & jump AVG interposition for CRF patient, (2) Varicose vein management with compressive hose sale, Foam sclerotherapy, conventional high ligation + stripping + local excision , minimal invasive endovenous thermal ablation & Venaseal closure system.(3) Bypass surgery for PAOD & vascular trauma/infection patient. (4) Aortic disease treatment, including aortic graft replacement and TEVAR/EVAR for aortic dissection, malperfusion, aneurysm/PAU & infection. (5) Endovascular treatment with PTA for AVF/AVG stenosis, PAOD, DVT & vascular trauma and with mechanical thrombectomy device of Angioget, Rotarax & EKOS/Fontaine thrombolysis catheter placement. Welcome to our division for any question or information.

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view:7,335updated date:2022-07-15Back