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Taichung Armed Forced General Hospital “Workplace Mutual Aid And Educational Protection Service Centre” is now officially open!


Major General Chen Ying-Kai, Director of the hospital, presided over the opening ceremony of the “Workplace Mutual Aid And Educational Protection Service Centre” at the Taichung Armed Forced General Hospital. Invitation for the ceremony were sent to Chen Su-Jen, the Chairwoman of the “Taichung Montessori Education Centre”. Taiping District of Taichung City representatives were also invited along with local justices and the directors of the hospital to witness the opening ceremony together.

Director Chen stated that in order to implement the policy of “The State Raises Children from 0 to 6 Years of Age Together with You”, promoted by the Ministry of National Defence and the Military Medical Bureau. The Hospital has been actively planning and preparing for the construction of the centre since ROC year 110, and the construction has been completed after nearly two years. The “Taichung Montessori Education Centre” took responsibility and completed the governmental filing of the case. They will also be in charge of the teaching matters of the Educational Protection Service Centre.

The teaching method of the Educational Protection Service Centre adopts the Montessori mixed-age teaching (Montessori teaching), and it is hoped that through this teaching and preservation activity, we can combine the community and geographic peripheral resources as teaching materials in order to enhance the high quality of pre-school education.

The Chairwoman Chen Su-Jen, said that the “Montessori Teaching” aims to train children’s independence and develop reading habits, so that they can personally participate in various things in life  , from which they can gain real feelings and experiences, and through the “Montessori Teaching Aids” to achieve appropriate learning and inspiration, and indirectly cultivate the personality traits of the children to break away from the dependence and become independent.

Jointly established by the institute, and the “Taichung Montessori Education Centre “. The “Workplace Mutual Aid And Educational Protection Service Centre” will not only implements the education and protection policies of the Ministry of Education, but also provides the opportunity for children to learn from advanced countries around the world by practicing the concepts of open early childhood education, and by using the ecological environment as a theme for education, with the hope of constructing a rich and perfect early childhood education environment.


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view:3,926updated date:2023-08-21Back