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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) seminar carried out at the TAFGH


The Impact of the Health Care System in War Trauma Scenarios,

We are honoured to have Dr. Bai Feng-Cheng, who’s a Primary Care Physician from the Tri-Service General Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, to give us this wonderful presentation.

If war begins, no one can really stay out of it, and frontline personnel who are under high pressure face physical and mental deprivation and repeated shocks:

▶Command – Linking Regional Chain of Command for Healthcare Defence into a collaborative and supportive partnership.

▶Safety Liaison – When attacked by enemy fire, how to maintain a parallel and vertical link between the hospital and the outside world, how to maintain the resilience of the chain of care.

▶Finance and Administration – Familiarise yourself with the hospital structure, scheduling and co-ordination operations through regular scenario planning.

▶Execution – Trauma Care (Surgery), Haemostasis/Vascular Intervention (Radiology), Trauma/Psychiatric Disorders (Level II), Infection/Infections (Medicine), Multiple Injuries/Major Injuries (Common), the biggest tests are ‘Trauma’, ‘Infection’ and ‘Psychiatric’.

▶ Planning (important) – pragmatic, flexible response, understanding of regional joint defence and spatial deployment, sharing of resources, must be undertaken by a ‘specialist’ who understands the clinical and hospital structure.

▶ Logistics – Understand the operation of the logistics chain, analyse and strengthen the current situation of pharmacy, blood bank, health care, energy facilities and transportation.

↑↑↑ Following the above details to draw up a plan. Ensure each colleague know their role, position and responsibilities. Through continuous rehearsals and corrections, to have the complete readiness and preparation for war.

At the end of the seminar, Major General Chen, the president of the hospital, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Bai Feng-Cheng for his professional and detailed content. From the battlefield casualties to the subsequent professional medical treatment. The comprehensive analysis, allowed us to understand the value of military medicine and the importance of the national military hospitals.


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view:5,975updated date:2023-08-14Back