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President Tsai,Commander-in-Chief of the Three Armies,visited our hospital for the first time.

Author:資管中心 Date:2022-07-05

President Ing-wen Tsai, accompanied by Vice President Tsai of the Legislative Yuan, Minister of National Defense Qiu, Mayor Lu of Taichung City, and others on the morning of June 25, guided the ” Taichung Army Forces General Hospital” ‘s anti-epidemic actions, and thanked all the medical staff for not only serving during the epidemic People in the central region also assisted the Matsu Xiju Health Center to medical treatment patients, and effort in the task of protecting the health of the Taiwanese people on the front line.


During inspection, the major general Hung Kung-cheng, director, conveyed the future development direction and expectations of the hospital to President Tasi through a briefing, and communicated with the front-line medical staff by video, explaining the focus and effectiveness of each epidemic prevention work, and then went to the radiotherapy center. The doctor Liu Min-yue introduced President Tsai the ” True Beam Therapy Machine” that the hospital spent 125 million to build. Finally, on behalf of the hospital, he presented the picture book “Seeing the Taichung Army Forces General Hospital” co-published by the hospital and urban sketch artist Tasi Yu-jie. Thanks President Tasi came to the front-line of medical care and comfort, and said, “At the moment when the country is fighting against the epidemic and defeating the epidemic, the Taichung Army Forces General Hospital has a duty to work together for good, Taiwan.”

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