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In order to provide the public with higher-quality medical services and care


In order to provide the public with higher-quality medical services and care, the National Army Taichung General Hospital held a ceremony for the “Radiation Therapy Center” in the morning(10).


The deputy director of the Military Medical Bureau Major General Cai Jiansong, He Xinchun, Legislator Zhuang Jingcheng, National Army Taichung General Hospital, Colonel Hong Gongcheng, Deputy Director of Taichung City Health
Bureau, Chen Nansong, Taichung City Council Member Li Lihua, Member Lai Yijun, Member Zeng Chaorong and other VIPs cut the ribbon together, and invited the heads of government agencies and local officials to observe the ceremony.

In his speech, Major General Cai Jiansong, Deputy Chief of Military Medical Officer, stated that the radiotherapy center cost more than 160 million dollors to build. The main equipment is a radiotherapy system with dual robotic arms that can perform 360-degree dose sculptures.


The output is 2400 monitoring units per minute. High-dose,complete intracranial stereotactic radiotherapy within 2 minutes, complete internal stereotactic radiotherapy within 5 minutes, and the entire treatment course is completed within 20 minutes. The accuracy of image positioning is less than or equal to 0.3 mm, when the lesion moves with breathing , real-time control of image guidance, with 6D treatment bed to correct errors in six axes, immediately output of appropriate


The Dean Colonel Hong also stated that in order to welcome IGRT, which is of the same level as the medical center, we held an event called “Friday Cancer Symposium” onFridays every two weeks.


The content of the conference covered the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and lung cancer, the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the clinical application of paclitaxel chemotherapy drugs, the introduction of cancer information system, the implementation of true light knife IGRT, and the application of gene detection and cell therapy.

The integrated treatment plan, chemotherapy prescription kit and cancer registration data will be imported into the “Cancer Information System” this year. In the future, the National Army Taichung General Hospital will continue to uphold the professional service spirit and the attitude of “seeing sickness as relatives”,to protect the health of the military and civilians, and has become a “good home” for the medical care of the villagers.

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view:5,268updated date:2020-08-10Back