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Physical Examination Center

The Physical Examination Center of the 803 Hospital provides adult preventive health cares, elder preventive health cares and high-level health examinations. We offer high quality medical service and medical-center level equipment such as 64-slice and 128-slice MDCT coronary angiography, LDCT, whole body MRI imaging and cancer screening. We also have doctors in various specialties offering most accurate health examination.

The Physical Examination Center locates at the right side of the entrance of the 803 Hospital.

The team of the 803 Physical Examination Center provides you professional and cozy services.

Preventive health cares

Object: Age over 40, attends the National Health Insurance and pays the full insurance.


  1. People who are age 40-65 get one chance of preventive health care every three years.
  2. People who meet the criteria below get one chance of preventive health care every year:
    Age over 65.
    Age over 35 and correspond to polio of the National Health Insurance.
    Indigenous people who are age over 55.
  3. Service time: Every weekday 08:00-11:00 a.m.
  4. Phone: (04)23936457, (04)23934191#525329, 525333

1st step of preventive health cares

Risk Assessment: Individual and family medical history, nutrition status, betel nut and cigarette, alcohol use, depression, regular exercise, and accident prevention.
Blood Examination: Blood lipids (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-Chol, and LDL-Chol), fasting blood glucose, liver and kidney function.
Urine test: Urine protein, glucose urine, occult blood, RBC, pH, etc.

2nd step of preventive health cares

Clinical examination: Height, weight, waistline, blood pressure, vision, dental measurement, thyroid and cervical lymph nodes measurement.
Report explanation: Our physicians provide examination results, relevant suggestions according to individual needs, and further check-up. We also assist you with outpatient appointment.


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view:5,428updated date:2022-07-17Back