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Patient’s rights and obligations

  • We respect the rights of all our patients and provide the same quality of care to all regardless of race, age and payment plan.
  • All our medical professionals wear badges and licenses to practice. You can refuse the medical services they provide if they are not wearing proper badges.
  • Based on the concept “Patients are the main part of medical care”, our doctors should, during your hospital stay, explain to your family about the patient condition, the main examinations performed, information relating to those examinations, and the principles of treatment and prognosis.
  • We encourage you to raise any questions you may have with doctors or other medical professionals, and demand an explanation if you are unclear about the medical procedures performed by them.
  • It is our policy that you or your spouse, family or relatives need to sign the greement for Anesthesization before you undergo surgical treatment or any other dangerous invasive examination. The doctors will explain the reason for the surgery, its procedure and the rate of success as well as any complications and risks. The surgery will not take place without permission from you or your spouse, family or relatives. However, if there is not sufficient time to request permission based on the medical care act, sometimes emergency surgery may be performed regardless in order to save a life.
  • We keep confidential all information divulged to us by our patients as dictated by law.
  • If requested by your family and relatives, we will explain your condition to them accordingly. You will need to inform us in writing at the nurses station or through your attending physicians if you prefer to keep this information confidential from others.
  • There will be a sentry patrolling every two hours at night to ensure the safety of you and your family.
  • Any complaint regarding our inpatient services can be addressed to the president mailbox or directly to the nurses station.
  • We are a teaching hospital. We ask for your cooperation in our teaching activities in order to promote medical education and to develop outstanding medical professionals. However, you have the right to refuse any examination or test not related to your treatment. Such refusal will never affect the attitude of service and the quality of care provided to you by our medical professionals.

Patient’s Obligations

  • When you are admitted to the hospital, your doctor or the inpatient service counter will order meals for you according to your needs. You may choose to cancel the meal service after you check in by notifying the inpatient service personnel or the nurse station. To temporarily suspend the meal service or make changes to the meal selection, please do so by contacting the nurse station before the following deadline. Breakfast: before 6:30 AM, lunch: before 10:30 AM, dinner: before 6:30 PM. This does not include the therapeutic meals.
  • In order not to affect your treatment, you have to notify the nurse station if you need to leave the ward after admission. If you intent to leave the hospital, please first ask for permission from your doctor, by filling out the necessary paperwork and apply at the nurse station. Staying overnight outside the hospital is not allowed for patients admitted under the health insurance plan. Leave can not be granted for longer than four hours. Staying overnight without asking for leave is considered as the patient having automatically discharged him/herself.
  • If you have someone accompanying you during your hospital stay, please apply for a pass and parking permit to carry with him/her at all times. It is to be returned upon check out (a lost parking card will cost NT$1,000 to replace). Between 10 PM at night to 7 AM next morning, Aaccess to the hospital is restricted , except for those with passes. All others will be asked to leave by 9:30 PM for the safety of the ward and the peace of other patients.
  • You are asked to keep your voice down in order not to disturb other patients.
  • Smoking and chewing betel nuts is prohibited on the premises. The use of cellular phones is also restricted in certain areas.
  • No cooking in the ward, bathroom or sink is allowed. Please heat up your food in the meal preparation room located on each floor.
  • Do not bring valuable items into the hospital. Keep all your valuables in a safe place if you have to bring them to the hospital. (Suggest you add: The hospital can accept no responsibility for items stolen or missing in the hospital.-Proofreader)
  • No pets or other animals are allowed into the hospital. This is to prevent infection and disturbance.
  • Avoid bringing children to the hospital since they are prone to be infected.
  • No dangerous object or illegal article is allowed in the hospital. Violators will be discharged automatically (Suggest you add: Visitors bringing in such items will be asked to leave immediately.-Proofreader). Serious offenses will be reported to the police and dealt with accordingly.
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view:9,264updated date:2022-07-09Back