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Consultation hotline

Consultation categories and extension numbers

Service phone number — Hospital main switchboard: 04-23934191 giving the following extensions


Name of Service Extension

Content of Service Provided

International medical service coordinator 525689 General information for International medical service

(For English service)

Information Counter 525275 General information , opinion feedback, appointments and registration consultation(Medical Building 1F Entrance)
Social Work Office 525213 Recruiting volunteers and handling all kinds of social service cases. (Medical Building 1F)
Check in / Check out Counter 525283 Check in / Check out procedure and disablement assessment(Window No.11,12,15)
ICU Counter 525438 ICU registration and pricing (ICU)
Outpatient Pharmacy 525420 Outpatient medication consultancy
(opposite the Information Counter)
Inpatient Pharmacy 525421 Inpatient medication consultancy
(opposite the Information Counter)
Examination Lab 525395 Registration for therapy procedure
(opposite the Pharmacy)
Rehabilitation Registration Room 525388 Rehabilitation therapy
(Medical Building 2F)
Internal Medical Exam Registration 525342 Dialysis, Gastroscopy, ECG , Pulmonary function examination
Surgery Medical Exam Registration 525358 Urinary system check up or Colonoscopy examination
Radiological Diagnosis Registration Room 525414 Ultrasound, X ray or CT Scan
Bank 525601 Banking services
(located on the left wing of main entrance)
Physical Exam Counter 525333 Military physical exam, civilian employment, physical exam for marriage
Physical Exam Center 525334 Adult physical exam, labor employment and physical exam at patient’s own expense
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view:10,321updated date:2022-08-15Back