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Department of Medical Care

  • This department is in charge of all medical care and nursing and medical operation techniques in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

Department of Political Warfare

  • This department is responsible for the planning and execution of organization, security, services and political warfare.

Department of Medical Services

  • Medical Services is in charge of medical transportation, patient handling, inpatient/outpatient affairs, medical affairs statistics, military medicine techniques and intelligence.
  • It also handles medical disputes, application management, dispatching of wounded military personnel dispatch and hospital stay, disablement and demobilization, veteran compensation evaluation, application for prosthesis installation, fundamental medical support and arrangement of free medical treatment.
  • Other areas covered include the prevention of epidemiology and hygiene education on hygiene, waste (polluted) water and solid waste management, testing the quality of drinking water and, medical library management.

Office of Administration

  • Administration duties include human resources, mobilization, military operations, organization, general intelligence, research and development, and integrated control.
  • Other areas of responsibility include administrative affairs, dormitories, food services, logistics operations (arsenal, engineer, communication, transportation, chemical), temporary quarters for troops, water and electricity repair, and management affairs.
  • The office also takes care of the establishment of ambulance dispatch centers, application for units without ambulances, and general patient transportation.

Office of Accounting

  • The Accounting Office is responsible for budgetary control, financial management and accounting evaluation.
  • Office of Medical Supplies
  • This office is in charge of medical supplies and equipment maintenance.
  • Office of Physical Examination

This office is responsible for physical examinations for new servicemen and general physical examination procedures, which include:

  • Conscriptees and servicemen’s physical examinations.
  • Physical examination for the entrance exams of military academies.
  • Processing of annual health check ups for military personnel.
  • Processing of health check ups cooks and special task personnel.
  • Processing of general physical examinations (e.g. examinations, marriage, training, etc.)
  • Note 1: For questions relating to military service you should consult the Division of Military Services at your local City Hall.
  • Note 2:For questions relating to military physical examinations you should consult the Department of Human Resources of your own unit.
  • Schedule for physical examinations: 08:00~10:30 AM/14:00~16:00 PM
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view:9,516updated date:2023-04-17Back