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Layout of each floor

Summary of layout of each floor: Outline the organization in our hospital floor by floor.

Floor Medical Building
5F Ward 9, Ward 10, Ward 11,Delivery Room,Nursery Room,Breastfeeding Room.
4F Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8,Teaching and Research Deartment.
3F Ward 1,Ward 2,Ward 3,Dialysis Center,Conference Room , Library.
2F Administration Ared,Intensive Care Unit,Operation Room Rehabilitation
Department,Ophthalmology Department Psychiatry Department,Anesthesia Department,Nutrition Room Surgical
Department .
1F Outpatient Area,Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy Center Register and Cashier Discharge
Counter,Admitting Service Center,Pharmacy Laboratory Department,Radiology Department,Computerized Axial
Tomography Scan Room Medical Department,Medical Examination Room
B1F Medical Record Room,Blood Bank,Mail Room,Barber Shop Declaration Section, Purchasing Department,Supply Center,Legal Consultation Office.
Floor Multi-Purpose Building
4F Ward 20
3F Light Therapy Center, Office of Family Medicine
2F Psychiatry Clinic, Physical Exam Center,Children’s Developmental Assessment Center.
1F Ward 16, Physical Exam Center.
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view:9,055updated date:2023-04-17Back