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  • Core Values
    • Teamwork, Professionalism, Similarly, Innovation
  • Purpose
    • Give whole-heartedly and take care of the whole person and promote the health of the military and civilians.
  • Vision
    • Provide medical services that meet the level of a medical center.
  • Mission
    • l  Strengthen the treatment of critically ill patients and improve the care network.
    • l  Rooted in local services and integrating community resources.
    • l  Deeply cultivate the central region and pursue sustainable management.
    • Build up military medicine and maximize the effectiveness of healthcare.
  • Short-term goals
    • l  Develop distinctive medical services and implement comprehensive care.
    • l  Launch smart healthcare for precise and high-quality care.
    • l  Devote to teaching and research, and cultivate teaching talents.
    • l  Enhance combat casualty care to safeguard the health of the troops.
  • Mid-term goal
    • l  Strengthen medical capacity and become a hospital responsible for severe emergency care.
    • l  Enhance preventive medicine and become a high-end and diversified medical examination hospital.
    • Optimize community connections and become the preferred hospital for residents in the area.
  • Long-term goal
    • Become the flagship hospital of choice for military and civilians in central Taiwan.
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view:9,452updated date:2023-04-17Back