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  •  When the discomfort of tinnitus can be distressing, Traditional Chinese medicine may offer relief.
    A: Doctor, I always hear a buzzing sound in my ear. Is that normal?
    B: There are many causes of tinnitus, which are usually judged based on the duration and the type of sound. Our hospital now provides treatment through a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
  •  Our hospital’s nephrology department has a special clinic for polycystic kidney disease.
    A: Doctor, I want to check my kidney function.
    B: Do you have any discomfort?
    A: Because several members of my family have kidney disease and began dialysis at a young age, I heard that it might be polycystic kidney disease.
    B: Oh, you need to pay attention to this issue. Our hospital’s nephrology department at Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital has a special clinic for polycystic kidney disease, which can help you with comprehensive examinations and treatments.
  • Don’t ignore abdominal pain and be careful of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
    A: Doctor, I can’t bear the abdominal pain, and it hasn’t improved. But I haven’t eaten any junk food…
    B: Abdominal pain should be treated as soon as possible, as it may be caused by abdominal aortic disease. Once ruptured, it can cause massive bleeding in the body, and the mortality rate can be as high as 90%.
  • Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital cares about your health.
    Have you had a health check-up this year?
    A: Recently, I’ve seen the news about many people dying suddenly due to cold weather or intense exercise. I’m a bit worried and want to get checked, but I don’t know where to start…
    B: Our hospital has senior health check-up specialists who can help you choose the most suitable examination items and provide excellent after-sales service based on the examination results so that you can understand your physical condition in a relaxed and comfortable state.


  •  How can I collect medication with my chronic disease continuous prescription?
    You can start collecting your medication ten days before the next pickup date. Please bring your health insurance card to the pharmacy during business hours and go to the registration counter to pay for the prescription. Alternatively, you can collect your medication at a contracted pharmacy near your home to save time commuting.
  •  Can I take the medication I received this time with other medications?
    The interactions between different medications can vary greatly, and if you simply describe your medications to a pharmacist, they may not be able to provide the answer. Therefore, it is recommende to consult with a doctor during a medical examination to rule out the possibility of prescribing the same type of medication repeatedly or bringing all the medications you are currently taking to the pharmacy for consultation to receive complete pharmaceutical services.
  •  How can I take the medication?
    The usage instructions and illustrations for each medication are printed on the medication bag. Please follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor.
  •  Can I control medications in this hospital purchased with my self-payment?
    According to the regulations of this hospital, patients are not allowed to purchase controlled medications through self-payment.
  •  What should patients pay attention if their chronic disease continuous prescription contains Schedule I to III controlled medications?
    Patients should note the chedule that they have to attach the prescription for controlled medications and sign, when they leave their contact information every time they receive medication.


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view:9,677updated date:2023-04-16Back