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Value-added Upgraded NHI Mobile App Plus Makes Payment of NHI Premium at Your Fingertips

Author:資管中心 Date:2016-03-30

The value-added and upgraded version of NHI Mobile App of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA), taking effect immediately, is added with the feature where people can pay their NHI premium online. People who have a current account with a financial institution can choose to pay NHI premium through the Mobile Counter section using their mobile phone or tablet after they register through personal computer on the official website of the National Health Insurance Administration for online NHI card services and certify their mobile device. Once they enter their current account number and citizen ID number, they will be connected to the national payment network where they can finish paying the NHI premium easily, quickly, and conveniently, thus saving plenty of time.

The NHIA would like to remind those having not installed the NHI Mobile App to download it and install it from Google Play or the Apple Store. For current users of the NHI Mobile App, on the other hand, the NHIA would like to remind them of upgrading it to the latest version in order to benefit from the fingertip convenient payment of the NHI premium.

Also, people with pending NHI premiums can also search for their NHI premium payment status through the Mobile Counter of the NHI Mobile App to pay their pending NHI premiums online.


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view:210updated date:2016-03-30Back