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Refuse to be an allergic child, from early~

Author:資管中心 Date:2021-04-10

Refuse to be an allergic child, from early~#Children’s allergy rate is increasing every year. In recent years, about 30% of children have allergies.Allergic reactions are often mistaken for “cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic
bronchus” for treatment.How do we determine whether a child is allergic National Army Taichung General Hospital Physician Lai Liren means, found that young children in the family have the following symptoms:

Blink and rub your eyes often Often rubbing and picking nostrils Often sneeze before going to bed at night and getting up in the morning Wake up in the morning with a peculiar smell in your mouth Sleeping will snooze, open your mouth to breathe.


It is possible expression of allergy.Director Lai suggested:”If you find that children have these symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.” “Avoid uncontrolled allergies,which can lead to allergic conjunctivitis, corneal damage, allergic rhinitis and other diseases.”

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view:344updated date:2021-04-10Back