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Community Medicine

Mental Health center

Our main purpose is to serve the Army and their employees in the central Taiwan . We combine medical resources and society support networks, establishing complete psychology counseling, “3 Level Prevention” system, and an area counseling network; moreover, through consulting, counseling, educational propaganda, training, etc., we exert the functions of correction, medicine, and psychological stabilization which promotes the unity and harmony of the army and maintains the strength of the army.

Community Therapy

Taichung Army hospital community therapy service was established for the purpose of taking care of the health of the people in our community. We will take the initiative to go to every part of Taiping to provide health service. We sincerely care about our community. Let the people in Taiping enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Social Work Team

Are social work team locates on the first floor of the medical building. We have professional social workers to combine medical teens and social resources to assist patients and a relatives to handle all problems related to society-mental, family, and economy, promoting the effects of medical therapy and increasing the area of medical service.

Physical Exam Center

Our Physical Examination Center adopts professional inspection equipment. We use a machine to make bar number stickers. All inspections and equipment are computerized to reach the requirements of standard, modern, computerization. To be cautious, we have imported a professional x-ray inspection bus, worth NT$10 million, to reach the requirements of no-power capability and professional quality. This bus is equipped with and a total film switch system and generator. It can produce power, stabilize voltage, keep that x-ray beam in the most effective range. So, the inspection process won’t be stopped for any reason. It also cuts down the radiation influence on the people who do checkups.

We own a professional place to provide physical examinations for the following:

  1. soldiers
  2. army school entrants
  3. mandatory service people
  4. those needing mandatory physical exams
  5. foreign laborers
  6. domestic laborers
  7. laborers
  8. students
  9. groups
  10. government employees
  11. those needing advanced physical exams
  12. adults
  13. elderly
  14. preschool teachers