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Our mission

  • To follow the Armed Forces’ Healthcare Service policy and the regulations of the Central Government’s Health Administration, we strive to provide top quality medical care services to the military and civilian sectors to ensure their good health.

Our Assignment

  • We are have been designated as the Armed Forces medical center in Central Taiwan. Our duty is to fulfill the medical needs of military personnel in times of both peace and war according to the “Armed Forces Regional Medical Responsibility Policy”.
  • Served asas the hospital is a member of the medical care network in the Taichung area in compliance to with the planning of the local health care administration agency to provide inpatient and outpatient as well as preventative health care services to local civilians.

Our Goal

  • To advocate medical ethics as the culture of this organization.
  • A patient-oriented medical team.
  • To be the firstp choice for community health care resources, military and civilian alike.

Our Direction

  • To research into the best of medical technologies and develop flawless hospital management.
  • To create extraordinary work achievements and consistently devote ourselves to providing high quality services.

Our Vision

  • A medical team with many specialties and expertise in a near perfect e-environment.
  • Self-fulfillment of focused employees to achieve 100% patient satisfaction.

Our Strategies

  • To promote our superiority against competition by integrating the advantageous features of our hospital.
  • To develop stronger capabilities by implementing moral education.
  • To discover innate character and potential by reinforcing specialty discipline.
  • To provide medical care in every aspect by extending community medical care.
  • To encourage resource sharing by expanding academic exchanges.
  • To maximize cost benefit by fine-tuning clinical pathways.
  • To correct inappropriate drug-using habits by the proper management of drugs.
  • To strengthen hospital management through the integration of information.
  • To properly maintain all hardware to ensure safety and comfort.
  • To consolidate employees into a better organization.
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view:7,826updated date:2023-01-17Back