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Important Policy

  • Core Values:Similarly, professionalism, teamwork, innovation
  • Purpose:Give whole-heartedly and take care of the whole person
  • Vision:Become a friendly and trustworthy neighbor of the military and civilians in central Taiwan.
    Important Policy
  • Mission:Deeply cultivating local medical treatment; integrating community resources. Develop army medicine; protect the health of the military and civilians.
  • Striving direction:Give full play to characteristic medical care and improve the care network.
  • Short-term goals:
    Expand community bases and improve graded medical care.
    Invest in advanced medical equipment and develop a cancer treatment.
    Complete professional professionals and provide high-quality services.
  • Mid-term goal:
    Build a new medical building to create smart cloud system medicine care.
    Cooperate with national policies and complete the long-term care system.
    Provide comprehensive health examination and implement preventive medicine.
    Become a severe emergency responsibility hospital.
    Become the hospital of choice for residents of Taiping District.
  • Long-term goal:
    Become the hospital of choice for residents of Greater Taichung.
    Become the national army benchmark hospital in the combat zone.
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view:623updated date:2023-01-17Back