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Layout of each floor

Summary of layout of each floor: Outline the organization in our hospital floor by floor.

FloorMedical BuildingMulti-Purpose Building
5thWard No.9, Woard No.10, New-Born Center, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Delivery Room, Ward No.11.
4thWard No.6, Woard No.7, Ward No.8, Surgical Ward, Human Resources CenterBurns Center
3rdWard No.1, Woard No.2, Ward No.3, Dialysis Center, Diathermy& Chemotherapy Class Room, Office of Orthopedics, Library.Light Therapy Center, Office of Family Medicine
2ndSurgical Room, Department of Anesthesia, Nutrition Room, Department of Pathology, Office of Environmental Protection, Office of Information, Head Office, Department of Political Warfare, Department of Medical Care, Department of Nursing, Accounting Department, Hospital History Exhibition, Department of Ophthalmology, ICU Ward, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Conference Room No.1, Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Business Management.Psychiatry Clinic, Physical Exam Center.


Registration, Outpatient Clinic, ICU, Office of Inpatient Admission, Gastroscope Room, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Radiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Dentistry, Department of Lab Exam, Office of Medical Services, Social Worker’s Room, Civilian Clinic, Pharmacy, Department of Nuclear Medicine, EKG Room, Catheter Room, ECG Room, Abdomen Ultrasound Room, Heart Ultrasound Room.Ward No.16, Physical Exam Room.
B1Administration Office, Office of Medical Suppl, Anamnesis Office, Hairdresser’s, Blood Bank, Supply Center.
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