Physical Exam Center

Our Physical Examination Center adopts professional inspection equipment. We use a machine to make bar number stickers. All inspections and equipment are computerized to reach the requirements of standard, modern, computerization. To be cautious, we have imported a professional x-ray inspection bus, worth NT$10 million, to reach the requirements of no-power capability and professional quality. This bus is equipped with and a total film switch system and generator. It can produce power, stabilize voltage, keep that x-ray beam in the most effective range. So, the inspection process won’t be stopped for any reason. It also cuts down the radiation influence on the people who do checkups.

We own a professional place to provide physical examinations for the following:

  • soldiers
  • army school entrants
  • mandatory service people
  • those needing mandatory physical exams
  • foreign laborers
  • domestic laborers
  • laborers
  • students
  • groups
  • government employees
  • those needing advanced physical exams
  • adults
  • elderly
  • preschool teachers