orthopaedic surgeon


The Department of Orthopedics Surgery provides the most comprehensive medical services in Central Taiwan. The 9 professional orthopedic specialists in our department offer patients world-class medical care and quality surgeries, in particular, spinal surgery, joint replacement surgery, and various fracture surgeries. The quality of surgeries is on par with that of medical centers in Taiwan. With best medical services and medical care, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery is the best choice for patients.


Chien-chung Lin

【 Specialty】 Spine surgery (Endoscopic discectomy, minimal invasive spinal surgery ) Arthroplasty surgery (shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joint )...

Jen-Chieh Lai

2 【 Specialty】 Spine surgery (Endoscopic discectomy, minimal invasive spinal surgery ) .Trauma management Arthroplasty surgery (shoulder, elbow, hip, and...

Meng-Ying Wu

【 Specialty】 spine surgery joint surgery sports surgery hand and foot surgery

LiangYu Chiang

Specialty: arthroscopic surgery(ACL/PCL  reconstruction & rotator cuff repair) arthroplsty of shoulder/hip/knee Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery fracture management

【 Specialty】  fracture management arthroscopic surgery(ACL/PCL  reconstruction) arthroplsty of hip/knee Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery