Adhering to the purpose of our hospital to provide high-quality medical care and promote military and civilian health, the anesthesiologists are all fully trained in a medical center, and we have various advanced anesthesia equipment, provide various types of anesthesia for routine and emergency operations, and closely monitor patient vital sign during operation. And closely cooperating with the surgeon to provide high-quality anesthesia services.

Introduction of medical technology and medical expertise

  • Anesthesia for routine and emergency operations
  • Pain control after surgery
  • Painless gastroscopy, painless colonoscopy, painless delivery
  • Preoperative visits, evaluations and consultations
  • Recovery care after anesthesia
  • Postoperative visit
  • Pain consultation


Drager Fabius GS premium and monitor

flexible fiberoscope

Warm air heater

Group photo of anesthesiologists

Health Education Information

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)


1.When to use: After surgery or to reduce pain in childbirth, reduce chronic and cancer pain
2.Use benefits:
(1) Reduce the pain caused by pain.
(2) The amount of medicine is set by the doctor during use, and the patient controls the injection amount of analgesic medicine according to the pain sensation button. The operation is convenient and does not require anyone.
(3) After use, the physical strength recovers quickly, reduces the complications of long-term bed rest, and reduces the number of days in hospital.
3. Please make an appointment with your attending physician, anesthesia and pain specialist or nursing staff.