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✦Babies have asymptomatic fever , it must be having roseola

  • The baby was asymptomatic and had a high fever for a week. After coming to the clinic for a urine test, it was found that it was actually a urinary tract infection.
  • Parents listened to the experiences of relatives, friends and netizens, and thought that if the fever was asymptomatic for several days, it should be a roseola, but he couldn’t wait for the fever to go down at home.
  • Chen recommends:

When infants and young children have asymptomatic fever, it is recommended to bring them to the doctor for evaluation and examination to rule out diseases that require active treatment such as urinary tract infections, Kawasaki disease, etc., so that parents can safely take them home and continue observation.

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view:6,312updated date:2021-02-28Back